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My name is Ilinca Dumitru-Blanchard and I accompany savvy impact-driven businesses and organisations to build powerful, sustainable and long-lasting projects byleveraging the public national and EU funding.

During my career as a civil servant at the European Institutions in Brussels in the Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion policies, I dealt with a broad range of issues such as European fundinghealth equity, poverty and social exclusion, impactful leadership and governance, youth challenges, underrepresented minorities, vulnerable groups, ageing-related issues. 

This experience allowed me to analyse up close the many challenges society, businesses and entrepreneurs were facing, along with the continously growing changes in today’s world. In 2016, I knew it was time to translate my passion, knowledge and insights to action: a mix of  policy analysis, EU funding and business knowledge and I took the leap to become an independent consultant specialised in sustainable development and EU funding

Together, we build successful and meaningful projects that aim to make a social, environmental and economic impact for the people and the planet.


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